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Hoval Group senior management

Peter Gerner, Fabian Frick and Remo Bretscher are the operative top management team of the Hoval Group. This three-member group has existed since 2003 and ensures continuity in management. The three areas are geared towards stringent processes and synergies between product groups as well as countries. This functional organisation facilitates consistent innovation.

Peter Gerner (1967), co-CEO
Sales Europe & Service, Digital Business, YADOS

Peter Gerner has worked at Hoval since 1996 and has been part of management since 2003. Formerly the CEO of Heating Technology, he is now in charge of European sales and customer service for both Heating and Climate Technology. This includes both quality and product management. Digital business and Hoval subsidiary YADOS also fall under Peter Gerner's area of responsibility.

Fabian Frick (1969), co-CEO
Research & Development, Supply Chain, Sales Partner Markets & China

Fabian Frick joined Hoval in 2001. Part of management since 2003 and initially CEO of Climate Technology, he now heads the areas of Research & Development, Purchasing, Production and Logistics as well as Sales in the partner markets and in China. Fabian Frick is also responsible for new technologies. These concern both Heating Technology and Climate Technology.

Remo Bretscher (1980), CFO
Finances, Human Resource, IT

Remo Bretscher joined Hoval as CFO in 2020 and has headed Finances and Services ever since. His area of responsibility includes Personnel Management, Finance with Controlling, Taxes and Treasury and Information Technology. Remo Bretscher and his teams are the foundation for the functioning of the entire Hoval Group.