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Market leader Krivan with 20% higher air flow rate

Market leader Krivan with 20% higher air flow rate

Crossflow plate heat exchanger now suitable for air flow rates of up to 100 000 m³/h 

The Hoval Krivan plate heat exchanger is designed for installation in ventilation and air conditioning units and is more efficient than any other crossflow plate heat exchanger. The energy recovery unit is available in different sizes for air flow rates from approximately 200 m³/h. Hoval’s successful market leader is now available in 4-block solutions, allowing it to be used with air flow rates of as much as 100 000 m³/h. 

The improved air flow rate of the Krivan reduces drive power consumption and opens up new possibilities for ventilation and air conditioning units. Furthermore, the new design gives the Krivan unprecedented stability. Tests by TÜV SÜD showed only a minimal increase in the pressure drop – approximately 4% at 1000 Pa. All versions and sizes in the Krivan range are also ErP-compliant. They meet the requirements of the Ecodesign Regulation 1253/2014 without any changes to their design and construction.

Consistently high quality

Consistently high quality

In addition to the 4-block solutions, all Krivan models continue to benefit from the following features:
  • Up to 20% higher air flow rate
  • ErP-compliant
  • Supreme differential pressure stability up to 2500 Pa
  • Simple design with plug and play

Easy to switch from the S design

The Krivan crossflow plate heat exchanger has a higher air flow rate than the S design. As it has the same dimensions as the existing plate heat exchanger, however, switching from the S design to Krivan couldn’t be easier.

New version of CASER

The new version of the CASER (= Computer Aided Selection of Energy Recovery) design program was launched in August and contains the new Krivan sizes.

Superior energy recovery solutions

Hoval energy recovery systems are tested time and time again by independent test institutes. All technical data is based on these measurements, making it reliable data for planners, installers and operators. 

As a founding member of the Eurovent certification programme for plate heat exchangers, Hoval can be relied upon for certified performance data, outstanding leak-tightness and the ultimate in hygiene.

About Hoval

As a specialist for energy recovery systems, Hoval is your experienced partner with decades of experience in the industry. Hoval develops and produces components for heat, cold and humidity recovery for today and tomorrow. The systems are used in ventilation systems and in process technology. You can be sure to save both energy and costs while protecting the environment.

Hoval is one of the leading international companies for energy recovery systems, which are exported worldwide. Hoval takes responsibility for the environment. Energy efficiency is at the heart of what we develop.

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