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Hoval UltraGas 2 gas condensing boiler

The new benchmark in the medium and large segment.

Modern gas-condensing-boiler UltraGas2 for more profitability


With the new, patented Hoval TurboFer heat exchanger on board, the heat transfer of the boiler is significantly increased. In combination with other UltraGas features, this reduces the initial investment and ongoing operating costs.

A safe investment

Like all Hoval products, the UltraGas system boiler is built to last – and with the ability to easily incorporate sustainable energy sources and integrate regenerative gases, the boiler is fully future-ready.


With the lightweight TurboFer heat exchanger and a design that does not require a circulating pump or a hydraulic separator, the boiler takes up a third less installation space. Models up to 450 kW fit through any standard door.

On course with future-proof technology.

Equipped with modern condensing technology, gas boilers are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. The UltraGas 2 is Hoval’s latest generation of gas condensing boilers for heating and hot water generation. The boiler is available with output ratings ranging from 125 kW to 1550 kW, and 250 kW to 3100 kW as a double boiler. Based on the first generation of UltraGas condensing boilers – which have been tried and tested for over 20 years – the successor model boasts a patented Hoval TurboFer heat exchanger for even greater efficiency, combined with a future-proof and compact design. The gas boiler can also operate on biomethane and hydrogen, equipping it for the ongoing energy transition from gas to biomethane and for a hydrogen-powered future – and setting a new benchmark for renovation and new-build projects including multiple-occupancy buildings, small commercial properties, industrial sites and large plants.


New Hoval TurboFer heat exchanger: The patented core component for enhanced cost-efficiency.

The Hoval TurboFer heat exchanger is the brand-new, patented core component of the boiler. The unique design of the heat exchanger and its special injection technology generates turbulence on the heating gas side, increasing heat transfer and boosting efficiency. This technology generates energy savings of up to 20 percent compared to conventional gas boilers.

So powerful and yet so small in size.

The construction of the UltraGas 2 as a standing system with an upright TurboFer heat exchanger reduces the space required to a minimum. In models with an output rating of 125 kW to 450 kW, the transport width is narrow enough to fit through a standard 80 cm door. Gas boilers with an output rating of 530 kW to 1550 kW need a small amount of installation space; usually less than half of that required for other gas condensing appliances in this output range.

Green hybrid systems: The clever combination that saves money.

The UltraGas 2 also stands out due to its flexibility: it can easily be combined with any type of heat generator and solar energy system. Whether operated in conjunction with a heat pump or a pellet boiler, the standardised TopTronic E controller is the basis for perfect integration. It ensures that all the components in the system work together more efficiently than the individual modules alone.

Looking for gas-condensing boilers in lower performance categories?

Our wide product range has the ideal solution for every output range.


Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

Like its predecessor, which has proven itself a thousand times over, the UltraGas 2 is built to last – as you would expect from Hoval. This promise is supported by an extended warranty on the boiler body. Equipped with future-ready technology, UltraGas 2 is designed for maximum ease of installation and commissioning. What’s more, its compact dimensions make this gas boiler the perfect choice not only for new-build projects, but also for renovations – as our case studies show.

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