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Reliable heating in the lap of luxury at Hotel Pangu

Beijing, China

Reliable heating in the lap of luxury at Hotel Pangu

Beijing, China

A lucky Chinese dragon rears up majestically over the megacity of Beijing: the curved colossus – made from steel and concrete, granite and glass – houses the seven-star hotel.

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Olympic dignitaries stayed here …

The man who created the “Luxury Dragon” understands the value of a distinctive landmark: C.Y. Lee also designed the second-highest building in the world, the Taipei 101 skyscraper in Taiwan.

With opulent guest rooms and suites, fully equipped conference rooms, elegant restaurants and, of course, a breathtaking view of the city, Hotel Pangu was the perfect place for the Olympic Committee to stay when Beijing welcomed sporting greats from all over the world for the 2008 Summer Olympics.


… and Hoval was close by at all times

The luxury hotel was completed just in time for the Games. The three Hoval steam boilers were commissioned a week before the magnificent opening ceremony and have been supplying the whole hotel with heat ever since. Hoval was chosen because of its high quality standards and the technical expertise of its specialists, who demonstrated exceptional dedication throughout the event – a Hoval employee watched over the boilers day and night until the Games were over and the Olympic Committee had left. Thankfully, however, the boilers lived up to expectations and performed their duties perfectly.

The benefits of Hoval Service

Hoval’s principles are geared towards maximising customer satisfaction: all systems, regardless of their size, are commissioned by specially trained, experienced Hoval service staff, ensuring perfect operation from day one. Equally accomplished staff are on hand to carry out maintenance work. 

This comprehensive service ensures that Hoval systems work highly efficiently. Keeping energy consumption as low as possible protects the environment and also keeps operating costs in check at the same time.