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Responsibility for energy and environment

Corporate Responsibility

As a responsible company, we are committed to leaving an intact ecological system for future generations. This is why we focus on energy efficiency and alternative energies. We are constantly aiming to continuously reduce our ecological footprint by reducing our consumption of energy and raw materials, waste, water consumption and emissions. As a sustainable company, we pursue long-term, future-proof goals that integrate ecological, social and economic aspects. 

Environmental policy

At Hoval, responsibility for energy and the environment has always been at the centre of our thoughts and actions. Energy solutions and the global climate are closely linked, and we assume the resulting responsibility through the development and production of innovative indoor climate solutions (heating, cooling, ventilation). For Hoval, it is natural that the environmental policy includes all areas of the company. Our technologies aim to protect the environment and achieve maximum energy efficiency. We rely on renewable energies, minimise emissions and use durable, environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. And not just since yesterday. In this way, we actively contribute to a better global climate without losing focus on reliability and comfort.

Processes and infrastructure

Our production processes, logistics chains and workflows are designed in such a way that they are permanently in harmony with the preservation of our natural resources. We conserve scarce resources and use them efficiently, while avoiding harmful emissions and waste as far as possible. We also attach great importance to ensuring that ecologically sound working conditions contribute to the satisfaction of our employees. 

We are continuously increasing the energy efficiency of our own building stock, building services and our vehicle fleet. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art resources and technologies and regularly review the effectiveness of our measures. Ecological risks are limited as part of our emergency precautions in order to ensure sustainable and responsible corporate management. 


We focus on suppliers who are aware of their responsibility for the environment and act in accordance with ecological principles. We involve our contractual partners in our efforts to continuously improve environmental protection. We also expect our suppliers to fulfil their obligation to avoid environmental pollution. Appropriate selection procedures ensure that our partners are able to apply our environmental policy principles. We review the environmental impact of our suppliers' products and, if necessary, take action to avoid environmental risks.  

Certified quality and environmental management system

We ensure the continous application of our environmental policy by means of a certified environmental management system as per the international ISO 14001 standard. The certificate confirms the effectiveness of our environmental management system in complying with the applicable legal regulations and other requirements and in reaching our own environmental targets. To achieve environmental performance goals, all employees are integrated in a targeted improvement and innovation process. The management system is structured along the cycle of design, implementation, monitoring and improvement. (ISO 9001)

System technology - The "small" ecosystem

Large buildings such as supermarkets and high-rises, but also smaller structures like nursery schools and offices, usually rely on a multitude of components for heating, cooling and ventilation. Combining these into an intelligent network creates a kind of ecosystem that makes optimal use of energy. This type of holistic approach demands special control systems, which ideally should be expandable. Hoval develops these on the basis of powerful microprocessor technology. Despite or perhaps because of modern electronics, their handling is easy and convenient. Remote access via the Internet will become increasingly important in the future.

System solution indoor climate technology

Recognising and utilising natural relationships. The sun evaporates water. Clouds form. Snow falls in elevated areas. It collects and is compressed into glacial ice. Melt waters feed rivulets, streams and rivers, and cool and invigorate the Alps.

Hoval transforms these cycles into energy-saving, reliable and easy-to-operate heating and climate systems. Nature is the best teacher when it comes to offering one-stop shop solutions for different energy sources.  

​​​​​​​Competence in all areas

As a single-source supplier, Hoval has the necessary expertise in all areas of heating and climate technology. Our engineers working in the various departments have a common goal: to

develop system solutions that save energy, and thus to lower costs and CO2 emissions. For this type of system to be developed and to function properly, specialists are needed in another area as well: service. It is the service specialists who handle advance consultation, detailed planning, ongoing service and maintenance. Thus, when customers choose a Hoval system solution, they acquire a comprehensive, smoothly-functioning, total package.