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Roof ventilation units for undisturbed hall operation

Roof ventilation units for undisturbed hall operation

New TopVent generation for decentralised indoor climate systems

The new series of roof ventilation units for supply air, recirculated air and mixed air offers maximum flexibility for the very best indoor climate conditioning and is a seamless addition to Hoval’s range of decentralised indoor climate systems. Maintenance and installation are performed on the roof.

TopVent roof units from Hoval have been developed specifically to meet the demands of modern logistics, industrial and production halls. They are the perfect addition to Hoval’s proven decentralised indoor climate systems in any situation that requires undisturbed hall operation at a constant temperature.

Six versions of the new TopVent roof ventilation units – for recirculated air and supply air, heating, and/or cooling – available with two performance levels in each case meet all the requirements for establishing an ideal hall climate.
Different unit types can be combined to create exactly the right dimensions for the decentralised system – a highly economical feature.

The zone-based control concept, featuring operating modes that can be combined as required in various units, also meets high expectations concerning operating times and temperatures. What’s more, the integrated Hoval Air-Injector ensures optimum air distribution and low temperature stratification.

Maintenance and installation from the roof

Maintenance and installation from the roof

The units are installed on prefabricated roof frames and prepared roof bushings, and all of the installation work is carried out from the roof. All components that require maintenance can be accessed from the roof – so there is no need for an access point from inside the hall.

This means that regular maintenance and service work can also be carried out without affecting the infrastructure and work processes in the hall. The only work that needs to be done inside is establishing the hydraulic and electrical connections for the units.

Custom adaptations for halls

Hoval indoor climate systems are designed as energy-independent and freely scalable individual solutions. Quick and easy to plan, they can be perfectly integrated – in full and without compromise – into virtually any environment without the need for major structural measures.
The decentralised units are installed in places that are specifically selected with a view to maintaining the best possible climate conditions in the hall building. 

As a specialist in universal systems for heating, cooling and ventilation, Hoval is there for customers at every stage of the system lifecycle – from planning and operation right through to modernisation.

About Hoval

As a specialist in heating and climate technology, Hoval is your experienced partner for system solutions. You can heat water with the sun’s energy and your rooms with oil, gas, wood or a heat pump, for example. Hoval ties together the various technologies and also integrates room ventilation into the system. You can be sure to save both energy and costs while protecting the environment. 

Hoval is internationally known as one of the leading suppliers of heating and indoor climate control solutions. More than 75 years of experience continuously motivate us to design innovative system solutions. We export complete systems for heating, cooling and ventilation to more than 50 countries.

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. Energy efficiency is at the heart of the heating and ventilation systems we design and develop.



Rolf Außerer