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Social Commitment

Our social commitment reflects our values and our obligation to contribute to a positive impact.

We see ourselves as a responsible member of society. Our social commitment reflects our values and our obligation to make a positive contribution. We firmly believe that companies play an important role in promoting the common good and bringing about sustainable change.

Our social initiatives include a variety of projects and partnerships that focus on education, the environment, health and social inclusion. From supporting local schools and educational programmes to promoting environmental awareness and working with social institutions, we are actively committed to improving the lives of people in our region and beyond. 

Our aim is to contribute not only to economic sustainability, but also to social and environmental sustainability through targeted social engagement.

YANA: You Are Not Alone

Four letters with a clear message: support, build, accompany and teach. Simply being there to help. The fact that social commitment is firmly anchored in Hoval's DNA has been exemplified by Antonia Frick for over 27 years. She is the founder and chairwoman of the YANA Foundation, which helps the poorest of the poor in Eastern Europe. This has resulted in aid projects and children's homes in Romania that offer new prospects and create hope for a better life.  

"I am always overwhelmed by the gratitude and joy of the people whom we support. " , says Antonia Frick.

 Hoval sees itself as a heat supplier and solution provider not only through its products. But also in a figurative sense. Showing initiative and a sense of responsibility for people is a guiding principle for us that takes on a broader meaning through YANA.   

For a future worth living

The charitable Liechtenstein Foundation for a Livable Future is the result of an initiative by private individuals, companies and institutions who, on the one hand, are closely rooted in and connected to Liechtenstein, and on the other hand, want to provide valuable impulses for a livable future beyond the country's borders.

pepperMINT Foundation

The Liechtenstein MINT Initiative Foundation promotes the interest and skills of children and young people in maths, IT, natural sciences and technology (MINT) in Liechtenstein and the region.

Hoval supports project "Bienenhof" - for a better future

A heating system as efficient as honey bees. The bee farm in Salzburg educates people on the topic of bees as farm animals and their importance for humans. Hoval supports the project and provided the UltraGas gas heating system.