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The cooperation between Hoval and Loxone simplifies system integration

The cooperation between Hoval and Loxone simplifies system integration

Hoval develops tomorrow's customer-friendly indoor climate solutions. Loxone's intelligent building automation takes care of most tasks in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and safety.

Nowadays, increasing energy efficiency in buildings is a central issue. And intelligent energy management saves costs. Synergies are now being exploited through the cooperation and system connection of the two companies. This brings advantages for consumers, simplifies matters for partner companies and protects the climate.
Loxone, the Austrian specialist for smart home and building automation, and Hoval, the manufacturer of future-oriented and sustainable indoor climate solutions, two technology and innovation-oriented companies,  are moving closer together and thus taking a pioneering step in the digitalisation of energy management:
Hoval and Loxone share the same values. Solutions with the highest energy efficiency are important to both our companies, as are data protection and ease of use.

Peter Gerner, co-CEO, Hoval

Hoval's co-CEO Peter Gerner sees great potential in the cooperation, as does the CEO of Loxone, Rüdiger Keinberger:

Rüdiger Keinberger, CEO, Loxone

„In cooperation with strong partners, we create intelligent solutions for contemporary living and working. We are very pleased to count Hoval as a major provider of indoor climate solutions among our partners.“

Optimising energy efficiency at home

Thanks to the intelligent connection of the systems, Hoval indoor climate solutions can now be integrated plug & play into the Loxone Energy Manager and controlled from there in an energy-efficient manner. Heating and ventilation in particular are key factors in influencing overall energy efficiency, emphasises Peter Schatte, Hoval's Head of Product Management Controls | Connected Services:

Peter Schatte, Head of Product Management Controls | Connected Services

"Loxone has been known to us for several years. There is also a clear desire on the market to bring both systems closer together. On the one hand, consumers benefit from the system connection by optimising the energy efficiency in the building and thus saving money, and on the other hand, our partner companies - whether installation or electrician companies - can now easily implement the system integration plug and play using predefined templates, so-called use cases, and interfaces."

As an example of a use case, Peter Schatte presents heating and cooling by means of underfloor heating with buffer storage and Loxone energy management. The Hoval heat pump is contolled by the Loxone system and thus integrated into their control technology.
Excess electrical power generated by the photovoltaic system is stored in the room or in hot water or buffer tanks by increasing the temperature. This thermal energy storage allows the energy consumption when it is available. This is even possible in summer in the cooling mode of the heat pump. In this case, the temperature in the buffer tank and/or in the room is lowered slightly.
Der Miniserver von Loxone fungiert im Betrieb als “Intelligenzbooster“ der Heizungslösung, die das In operation, the Loxone Miniserver serves as an "intelligent booster" of the heating solution, which constantly analyses the heating behaviour of the individual rooms. As a higher-level, holistic automation solution, the Miniserver controls the entire heating system and thus enables energy-efficient, demand-driven individual room control. It takes into account all data provided by the sensors, such as the actual and setpoint values of the room temperature, presence, shading, opened window, cooling, etc. in a building.

Data security has top priority

By digitalising buildings, numerous indoor climate data are collected. Data security is an important issue in smart homes. Both cooperation partners, Loxone as well as Hoval, also have a common understanding on this key aspect. Data protection is part of their value proposition.

About Hoval

As a specialist in heating and climate technology, Hoval is your experienced partner for system solutions. For example, you can heat water with the sun’s energy and your rooms with oil, gas, wood or a heat pump. Hoval ties together the various technologies and also integrates room ventilation into the system. You can be sure to save both energy and costs while protecting the environment.
Hoval is one of the leading international companies for indoor climate solutions. More than 75 years of experience continuously motivate us to design innovative system solutions. We export complete systems for heating, cooling and ventilation to more than 50 countries.
We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. Energy efficiency is at the heart of the heating and ventilation systems we design and develop.

About Loxone

The Loxone Group from Kollerschlag, Austria, is a pioneer in the field of intelligent automation solutions. As a specialist, Loxone enables the simple control and intelligent automation of projects of all kinds. Whether it's a single-family home, hotel, office or commercial property - Loxone thus makes life and work easier in every situation. More than 200,000 projects in more than 100 countries have already been realised by professional partners worldwide. Authorised Loxone partners appreciate the high innovative power of Loxone, the free software in combination with the easy installation of the products as well as the numerous, open interfaces of the central mini-server. This is the heart of every Loxone project and the ultimate tool for the intelligent automation of smart homes, commercial properties and special applications. The Miniserver was specially developed for the professional electrician. As the "brain", this central control unit handles most of the tasks of building and home automation in terms of security, comfort and energy efficiency itself.
The Loxone Group has more than 500 employees at more than 20 locations worldwide. More than 100 employees work at the company headquarters in Kollerschlag, Austria. The Loxone Campus, the European epicentre of building automation, is currently being built here - a unique building complex consisting of a hotel, office, logistics centre and training centre.



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