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UltraGas 2: State-of-the-art heating technology for a school in Poland

Secondary school in Dynów, Poland

UltraGas 2: State-of-the-art heating technology for a school in Poland

Secondary school in Dynów, Poland

Learning relies on ideal conditions.The most recent phase of work involved renovating the heating system – a future-proof Hoval UltraGas 2 boiler is now setting the perfect temperature for learning.

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Schools are where the foundations for the future are laid. In a secondary school in Dynów, Poland, this also applies to the heating technology. In September 2020, the building, which welcomes approximately 300 students through its doors every day, had its heating system renovated. With on-site facilities including 12 classrooms, 2 computer suites, a canteen, a library and a sports hall, this was a big project. Hoval won the tender with the very latest generation of its UltraGas 2 system boilers and comprehensive service from a single source.

“The local authority in Rzeszów, which is responsible for running the school, carefully scrutinised the requirements to be met by the modernisation of the building’s heating technology. The new heating solution had to meet many requirements associated with the renovation project,” explains Elizabeth Klaczak-Łach, Head of School, adding: 

The new heating system had to be efficient, cost-effective and above all reliable.

The UltraGas 2 ticks all of these boxes and is a genuine long-term investment, adds Michał Duliban, Hoval’s project manager. In September 2020, the modern condensing boiler started its first heating season at the school.

Patented technology for enhanced cost-efficiency

The UltraGas 2 belongs to Hoval’s latest generation of gas condensing boilers for heating and hot water storage. With its long service life and innovative technology, the system impresses in particular in the context of large-scale projects like a school. 

The core component of the heating system is the patented TurboFer heat exchanger, which increases heating efficiency through improved heat transfer.

This technology generates energy savings of up to 20 per cent compared to conventional gas boilers. This money can now be spent on educating children rather than heating the building,” says Michał Duliban, encapsulating what makes the system so special. 

Heat output for now and the future

In public buildings, the integration of new units into overall building management systems is essential. All Hoval new generation gas boilers are equipped with the TopTronic E system controller. As well as enabling the different components of the system to be networked, the controller provides interface modules to make integration into the existing building technology easy. 

The school’s new heating solution also proves that it is fit for the future with its high level of flexibility for the use of sustainable energy resources. “The boiler is designed to support the energy sources of the future, including biomethane, and is also equipped for a hydrogen-powered future. It can be connected to other sustainable forms of energy such as solar, pellets or heat pumps at any time,” confirms Michał Duliban.

Compact dimensions, powerful performance

Although the school is still undergoing expansion, space in the boiler room is at a premium. Therefore, the size of the new boiler was also a deciding factor. The new technology of the UltraGas 2 renders some components redundant and the unit scores points by taking up much less space than comparable systems. The compact design also saves weight – yet delivers the same output.