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Burj Khalifa: Hoval in the highest building in the world

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa: Hoval in the highest building in the world

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The demands on the Burj Khalifa, the skyscraper of superlatives, literally grow into the sky. That's why Hoval belongs there.

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Where the land is flat and night falls quickly, people need landmarks. In Dubai, this point is a needle that pierces the sky. Sharp and pointed in the glistening backdrop of the day, it is an upright rod of lights in the night. 

The Burj Khalifa, at about 828 metres, surpasses everything else. The highest freestanding building in the world, the highest inhabited floor, the highest viewing platform – the superlatives seem endless.

On each of the more than 160 floors, hot water must flow from the tap at any time of the day or night, and plenty of it. Hot sand and the dry desert pose a challenge to heating and air-conditioning technology. Hoval, used to the demanding climate of the Alps, masters it. A total of eleven Hoval UltraGas condensing boilers provide the heat.

Output spectrum between 15 and 3100 kW

The Hoval UltraGas gas condensing boiler has been setting the international benchmark for years: its efficiency and cost effectiveness, continuously optimised over time, are practically unbeatable. The output spectrum of the Hoval UltraGas ranges from the single boiler with 15 kW to the double boiler system with 3100 kW. 

Where even greater output is required, up to eight boilers can be cascaded. Office buildings, shopping centres, industrial halls, multi-family and single-family homes worldwide draw their heat from one or more Hoval UltraGas gas condensing boilers.

Proven cost effectiveness

With its condensing technology and patented aluFer heat exchanger, the Hoval UltraGas extracts maximum heat from the energy source. Compared to a modern low-temperature boiler, it uses 10-16% less gas. The lower energy costs offset the higher investment costs in less than 2.5 years. The environmental balance is also impressive: In twelve years, a Hoval UltraGas double boiler plant with an output of 2000 kW will emit around 1000 t less CO2 on average.

Refined heat exchanger

The Hoval UltraGas owes its high efficiency above all to the aluFer heat exchanger: this cools the hot steam and exhaust gases emitted during combustion in a particularly efficient and effective manner; the additional heat energy it gains from this is transferred to the heating water.

Integrated in building management system

The Hoval TopTronic E system control integrated as standard makes it possible to combine up to eight boilers into a cascade. The Hoval TopTronic E is easy to operate and combines the gas condensing boiler with other Hoval system components to form a reliable and efficient overall system. The Hoval UltraGas gas condensing boiler or the entire system can be integrated into the higher-level building management system via interface modules available for this purpose.