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Where sporting history meets Hoval’s cutting-edge technology

London, United Kingdom

Where sporting history meets Hoval’s cutting-edge technology

London, United Kingdom

This is a place where sporting and music history are made. Several years ago, Wembley Stadium entered a new chapter in its own history when the new stadium was erected.

  • School & Sports Venue
  • New Building
  • Gas

The arch spanning the northern half of the stadium reaches a peak height of 133 metres, more than four times as high as the twin towers of the old Wembley Stadium – and is so large that you could roll the famous “London Eye” under it. The arch supports the roof structure, the weight of which would otherwise have to be borne by girders and supports. The use of the arch means that all 90,000 spectators have an unobstructed view of the pitch – plus the two electronic screens that are the same size as 600 domestic TV sets.

The new Wembley is the cathedral of football!

Brazilian footballer Pelé, one of the greatest players in history, once described Wembley Stadium as the capital and heart of football, even going so far as to claim that the new structure had created the “cathedral of football”.

The heart of Wembley Stadium itself throbs with a quintuple beat: there is a Hoval UltraGas SR (4000) condensing boiler located at each corner of the stadium, with a fifth installed in one of the technical rooms. With an output ranging from 4100 to 4300 kW, they are responsible for heating the entire building complex – and the grass so that the pitch is always playable. In this way, Hoval is doing its bit to ensure that the spectators can continue watching sporting history in the making.

An innovation with real impact

Just like the stadium, the UltraGas has a long and successful history. Since its arrival on the market at the beginning of the 1990s, well over 70,000 units of this gas condensing boiler have been sold – while undergoing continuous further development by Hoval, of course!

Just a few years after it was launched, the UltraGas started featuring the aluFer heat exchanger. This extracts the heat from the exhaust gas generated by the combustion process and from the water vapour contained within it. In turn, this reduces gas consumption. The patented aluFer heat exchanger, an exclusive product from Hoval, is manufactured in Liechtenstein using a highly automated robot welding process to ensure reliable and consistent quality.

In terms of output, the gas condensing boilers from the UltraGas range cover everything from an individual 15 kW boiler up to a powerful double boiler system. Where even greater output is required, up to eight boilers can be cascaded.