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Quality products from Liechtenstein for the global market

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Quality products from Liechtenstein for the global market

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Towering above the countryside with an imposing presence built on solid foundations, Vaduz Castle has become the emblem of Liechtenstein.

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Along with the castle itself, the Prince, his family and the 36,000 or so inhabitants all find themselves standing on firm ground. Within just a few decades, the small Alpine country has evolved from an agricultural society into a modern industrial nation. In fact, industry generates more value here than even the financial services sector.

Liechtenstein is the home of Hoval …

Hoval headquarters are located a stone’s throw from the castle. The company’s constant growth has been shaped by local tradition, the harsh alpine climate and its own pioneering spirit.

It was founded by Liechtensteiner Gustav Ospelt, who filed a patent in 1942 for a stove that could be used for cooking and heating simultaneously. A keen awareness of technology and quality, coupled with an indefatigable love of innovation, have allowed the company to thrive. In addition, Hoval has spread its wings geographically and now has an active presence across virtually the entire globe.

… and the royal family is one of its customers

Hoval products, which continue to impress new customers worldwide, are certainly appreciated by the royal family of Liechtenstein who have had a Hoval boiler installed. Running on the renewable energy source of wood, this is keeping the parts of the castle that it serves lovely and warm.

The future belongs to digitally networked complete systems

Over recent years, Hoval has become one of the world’s few full-range suppliers: its heating, cooling and ventilation plants combine seamlessly to create complete solutions that systematically get the best out of energy while also incorporating renewable sources. That includes its sophisticated control technology, which can even predict tomorrow’s weather. Hoval – Responsibility for energy and environment.