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The efficient way to heat historical buildings

Prague, Czech Republic

The efficient way to heat historical buildings

Prague, Czech Republic

Imagine treading the red carpet, past the marble busts and gilded baroque columns, and sinking into the plush upholstery of your chair. Then the curtain is raised for a performance of “Così fan tutte” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Cutting-edge technology for the opera

The literal translation of the opera’s title “Thus do they all” could equally apply to the heating plant at the National Theatre in Prague, which has equipped its installation with two Hoval UltraGas (1440D) boilers. And that is because it is what many – if not quite “all” – do when modernising an older or historical building. Cutting-edge technology is at work inside the UltraGas boiler in the form of the aluFer heat exchanger, an exclusive product from Hoval. Overall, the integrated heat exchanger recovers up to 15% of the energy input. That is good news for the environment and for the pocket.

… that is also gaining fans elsewhere

After the National Theatre had enjoyed such a positive experience with the system, the Estates Theatre in Prague and the Prague State Opera followed suit by switching over to Hoval UltraGas condensing boilers as well. Energy-efficient technology is a Hoval tradition – and has stood the test of time almost as firmly as opera has in Prague’s theatres. Not only that, but Hoval has now also set the stage for the sustainable energy solutions of the future.

Innovations that rely on a systematic approach

Since the Hoval UltraGas arrived on the market at the beginning of the 1990s, more than 70,000 units of this gas condensing boiler have been sold – while undergoing continuous further development by Hoval, of course!
Each gas condensing boiler in the Hoval UltraGas range features advanced Hoval technology. Inside the stainless steel casing of the aluFer heat exchanger you will find a set of aluminium fins. This heat exchanger is a patented Hoval innovation that squeezes the last drop of heat from the exhaust gas generated by the combustion process and from the water vapour contained within it. As a result, the boiler consumes less gas.
The Hoval UltraGas gas condensing boiler also performs very well in combination with renewable energy sources when used in hybrid systems, e.g. in conjunction with a Hoval BioLyt wood pellet boiler.