Imagine strolling over the red carpet, past the marble busts ...


... and gilded baroque columns, and letting yourself fall into the plush upholstery of an armchair. The curtain is raised: “Così fan tutte” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. “Thus do they all” – the literal translation of the opera title – could also apply to the heating plant: the National Theatre in Prague equipped its system with two Hoval UltraGas 1440D boilers. This is a popular choice when technically modernising an older or even historic building.

Cutting edge technology is at work inside the UltraGas boiler: the aluFer heat exchanger, an exclusive product from Hoval. The integrated heat exchanger reclaims up to 15 percent of consumed energy. This protects the environment – as well as the finances.

Considering the National Theatre’s positive experience with this system, the Estates Theatre in Prague and the Prague State Opera also installed Hoval UltraGas boilers. Energy-efficient technology is a Hoval tradition – as traditional as opera in Prague theatres. In addition, Hoval has set the stage for sustainable energy solutions of the future.


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