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What is BIM? - advantages of BIM in the work of a HVAC planner

December 14, 2016
Access to information, priority setting and proper communication between industries are of key importance for the success of designing systems. We currently have files at our disposal, which can be used in 3D modeling of these buildings and building systems. This will enhance the design process and ensure a constant flow of information between all the participants of the process. And that is what BIM (Building Information Modeling) is all about.
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The “Internet of Things”

November 9, 2015
We’ve done a Q&A with our specialist, Professor Elgar Fleisch, to answer the questions everyone is asking. At the moment, the “Internet of Things” seems to be cropping up in everything we read. But what does it actually mean? The Internet of Things is a vision of how every object...
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The era of intelligent heating has come

October 15, 2015
How do the new generation of boilers and heat pumps work to save our money and reduce CO2?
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How does technology change the heating?

October 15, 2015
The existing heating of buildings, their control and management, the cost of fuel consumption and other related aspects have just undergone massive changes. These changes bring many benefits to both end users in the form of real savings in their wallets, installation firms, making installation and monitoring...
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