Belaria pro – the new heat pump that looks to the future.

Belaria pro – the new heat pump that looks to the future.

The world is searching for eco-friendly heating solutions and ways of meeting the legal specifications that will define our approach to the environment in the future. The new Belaria pro air/water heat pump from Hoval is the answer.

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Heat pumps are steadily growing in popularity. Among building contractors, air/water heat pumps have become a particular favourite because they can be installed without the need for costly additional work such as drilling holes in the ground. Not only that, but heat pumps have also proven themselves to be an environmentally sound choice. So it stands to reason that technology and the environment are increasingly set to complement one another over the coming years, with a growing number of solutions emerging to accommodate this vision of the future.

With its new Belaria pro air/water heat pump, Hoval is taking another pioneering step towards a cleaner environment. Due to state-of-the-art technology and natural refrigerant, it is ideally equipped to protect the environment and nature.


Versatile and ecological

The technology of tomorrow needs to protect nature – which is why legal requirements regarding heating are becoming ever stricter.

The new Belaria pro air/water heat pump pre-empts this technological shift and already meets the environmental legislation of tomorrow, as it uses a natural and environmentally friendly refrigerant.

The Belaria pro is also versatile with its two design versions:


The compact version has an integrated domestic water and buffer storage tank, which saves space because no additional storage tank is required. Not only that, but the hot domestic water does not need to be reheated – due to its flow temperature of 70°C, the Belaria pro takes care of this itself.

The comfort version requires only one wall-mounted indoor unit in the building, which can be installed virtually anywhere – and it can be connected to any domestic hot water storage tank.

Both versions are controlled by the TopTronic E and feature a built-in cooling function, meaning that the heat pumps provide cooling and a pleasant indoor climate in the summer. Both compact and comfort versions are ideal for integrating into a heating system.

With the HovalConnect package of extras, the heat pump can be connected to the internet and controlled via a smartphone or computer.

As quiet as a bee collecting pollen

In contrast to conventional air/water heat pumps, the outdoor unit does the actual work of the Belaria pro. And it does this in virtual silence outside the house. Hardworking, efficient and as quiet as bees collecting their pollen, the Belaria pro obtains clean heating energy from the air, allowing residents to enjoy the tranquility of the garden whilst keeping the peace with the neighbours.

A foresighted investment

In every other respect too, the new Hoval Belaria pro represents a forward-looking choice for owners of detached and semi-detached houses. It is the ideal option both for new buildings and for carrying out cost-effective renovations on older buildings.

In addition to modern underfloor heating systems, the Belaria pro is also able to supply heat to conventional radiators – and existing radiators can continue to be used.

With energy efficiency class A+++, the new Belaria pro is also extremely economical. Due to its high-quality components and TopTronic E controller, it is able to optimise both heating and cooling. Connected to the internet, it even takes weather forecasts into account and adjusts its operation according to the latest weather data.


Consulting and service for heat pumps

Heat pumps are available in a range of versions and performance classes. Determining which one is best for your home depends on the type of building, your lifestyle, the space available and your individual needs.

Hoval will be happy to provide you with personal advice and, if required, develop a customised solution for heating and cooling your home with heat pumps.