Sustainable heating: save money and protect the climate with a hybrid system.

Sustainable heating: save money and protect the climate with a hybrid system.

Hybrid heating systems combine the benefits of several technologies in a single highly efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly system. In addition to the heat generators, the heat distribution and system controls are important components here.

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The drive to meet climate goals means that laws governing energy-efficient, low-emission heating are becoming increasingly stringent across Europe. In particular, housing complexes, commercial properties and public buildings are subject to regulations that require minimal CO2 emissions and a high proportion of renewable energy while also ensuring a constant heat supply and cost-effective operation. Hybrid systems are the best solution to meet these requirements.

“Renewable ready” systems are required and subsidized

The latest generation of gas condensing boilers is greener than ever before: Hoval’s UltraGas 2 can already run on biomethane and will soon also be able to operate with 20% hydrogen. Heating with gas is even more sustainable if it is combined with additional regenerative heat sources in a single smart system. 

Hybrid heating systems have already stood the test of time. Their modular construction means that they can be flexibly adjusted to meet specific requirements or changing conditions. Even existing heating systems can be updated to the state of the art with green technologies. Every hybrid system is supplemented with water heaters and storage tanks for domestic water. Hoval offers several versions of complete hybrid systems from a single source – perfectly coordinated and with standardised system controls. Here we give a brief overview of the most noteworthy combinations:

Hybrid heating with heat pump and gas

Gas condensing boiler UltraGas 2 + Heat pump Belaria dual AR + Calorifier TransTherm aqua LS

Heat pumps are most efficient at saving energy in spring and autumn and at mild winter temperatures. If the outside temperature falls significantly below zero, the highly efficient gas boiler comes on automatically. This means that basic requirements for heating and domestic hot water are efficiently covered by the heat pump, while any spikes in demand are reliably taken care of by the gas boiler. As a result, the capital expenditure and operating costs for the heat pump are reduced considerably: as it does not have to contend with extreme temperatures below zero, its dimensions can be smaller and it requires minimal electricity to run.

Hybrid system with pellets and gas condensing technology

Gas condensing boiler UltraGas 2 + Wood pellet boiler BioLyt + Calorifier TransTherm aqua LS

A BioLyt wood pellet boiler can also be combined with Hoval’s gas condensing boiler, the TransTherm aqua LS water heater and the TransShare distribution system to create an excellent system solution. CO2-neutral pellet heating produces the majority of the heat required, around 75%, while the effective gas condensing heating takes care of spikes in demand during the winter as well as water heating in the summer. This means that the pellet boilers and storage can be kept small in size, while the costs, wear and tear and unnecessary emissions of wood-based heating are eliminated during the warmer months because there is no need for it during the summer.

Hybrid system with gas condensing boiler and solar collectors

Gas condensing boiler UltraGas 2 + UltraSol 2 solar collector with buffer storage tank + Calorifier TransTherm aqua LS

Solar thermal energy is an ideal supplement to gas hybrid heating systems. Solar collectors and a buffer storage tank allow the power of the sun to be used to considerably reduce energy expenditure for heating and domestic hot water, while making an important contribution to protecting the climate.

A heat distribution system for the ultimate efficiency

Alongside the two heat generators, a third important component is the distribution module, which ensures the most efficient distribution for the heating and domestic hot water. With the TransShare 3K, Hoval provides a ready-to-connect, insulated distribution system that can be individually adapted to every hybrid system. The separated return for high and low temperatures improves the efficiency of the system as a whole by up to a further 8%.

Advantages of a gas hybrid heating system at a glance

  • The condensing boiler takes care of spikes in demand and means that the heat pump, biomass heating and solar plant can be operated economically
  • The heat pump or pellet heater can be smaller, saving space and costs
  • The reliability of the heating system as a whole is increased because there are two independent sources of heat
  • Maximum efficiency and minimal CO2 values as a result of modules that work in perfect harmony

The two heat generators are cleverly combined, allowing each to play to its strengths while compensating for the other’s minor drawbacks. Hoval integrates the individual components into a complete system that excels all year round with its economic and environmental performance.

If you would like more information about the right hybrid solutions and subsidies for your building technology, Hoval’s expert advisers are happy to help!