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Smart heating for offices which pays off, with reduction of costs by up to 30%

October 13, 2016
The investor's and developer's goal at the beginning of every project is quite obvious: To build or renovate the building using modern technologies. Execution costs often play a huge role in the decision-making process. However, this innocent idea does not always lead to the expected savings. One such project is the redevelopment of the historic building in the center of Prague.
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An insight into what technology we used to create our almost zero energy office

May 4, 2016
This new head office in Italy was built in only six months, and it really is a model of energy-efficiency, constructed according to the Passivhaus requirements and with certifications of  Cened A+, CasaClima Class A, Work&Life and Minergie Protocol.  Among the four projects that participated...
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Efficient heating of office buildings - tips for investors

April 20, 2016
Office buildings, due to the ever increasing requirements regarding the favorable micro climate in rooms, require the application of an efficient heating system solution.  The combination of condensing boilers and solar collectors constitutes an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating...
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