Climate technology. The wind systems of the Alps.


Wind and weather are often mentioned in the same breath, and that is no coincidence. The two phenomena are closely linked. This piqued our curiosity, and the different wind systems of the Alps gave us many new ideas – ideas that flow into Hoval climate technology, which today covers virtually all climate control needs. As knowledgeable as meteorologists, we study the weather and transport the pleasant mountain climate to wherever it is needed.

Indoor climate

For many years, Hoval has been implementing its climate solutions on the basis of distributed systems. They consist of combinations of multiple – and often different – indoor climate units that are separately regulated but jointly controlled. This allows Hoval to respond flexibly to different requirements and to offer complete heating, cooling and ventilation solutions.

Heat recovery

Warm air is loaded with energy – energy that the well-tried plate heat exchangers from Hoval transport directly from the warm, used air flowing out of buildings to the cool, clean supply air. Rotary heat exchangers are even capable of recovering the humidity contained in the air to prevent the interior climate from drying out.

Residential climate

The controlled ventilation of living areas is an important feature of modern buildings. It not only introduces fresh air into the home or office, but also helps save energy costs and protect the environment over the long term.

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