There is only one place where you can sit high in the mountains, 2500 metres ...


... above sea level, in the front row of the Alps: on the Säntis. The soft blue waters of Lake Constance spread out to the south and Lake Zurich is visible to the west. Toward the north lies a sea of 2000 majestic mountain peaks. On clear days, the panorama reaches all the way to the Zugspitze and the Ortler, to the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

On the Säntis, people work non-stop. Day and night. The rocky summit points a long “finger” 123 metres into the sky as a symbol of this activity: the Swisscom antenna mast for the transmission of radio, television, telephone and mobile network signals. While the wintry frost turns the antenna into a bizarre sculpture, guests are warmly gathered in Alter Säntis, the nearby mountain inn. Ruedi Manser, the founder’s great grandson, shelters “hikers, stargazers, mountaineers, full moon worshippers, people seeking peace and those just escaping the fog”, as he himself phrases it. Years ago, the cable lift brought two Hoval Uno-3 boilers onto the mountain. Ever since, they have been performing their services reliably -- not a small matter, since service technicians are not able to drop by at short notice.


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