Thannegg Castle Gröbming-Moosheim, Austria


Where comfort and well-being prevail, Hoval can’t be far away.

Encircled by mountain peaks and nestled in lush Ennstal meadows lies Thannegg Castle. These historic walls, erected in the twelfth century, have existed through glorious eras and changeable times. Since the mid-1980s, they have been revitalised by the innovative and creative spirit of Ernst and Gerlinde Schrempf. Severely dilapidated at the time, the castle is now an elegant four-star hotel with 45 beds.

Ernst and Gerlinde Schrempf, who attach great importance to environmental compatibility, selected a sustainable energy source for their heat supply. At the heart of the system are the Hoval Thermalia® 90X heat pump for underfloor heating and the Hoval Thermalia® 19H heat pump for hot water.

A deep ground water well provides the primary heat source. The environmental protection measures taken at the Thannegg Castle are causing quite a stir: the castle received the “Energy Globe Styria Award” from the province of Styria in Austria.


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