The project "Le Sorgenti"


The project stands for competitive costs in sustainable housing construction with a high degree of quality and a 25% energy saving. In 2010 the first sustainable housing construction project was developed in the province of Lodi in Italy:  the “Le Sorgenti” housing complex. The objective is to offer self-sufficient houses based on renewable energy with a high standard of quality and a high level of modern conveniences. The catch – the purchase price is supposed to remain comparable with a traditionally built house!

In addition the architecture must blend into the landscape. Mankind and nature should find harmony in terms of their needs. Almost like a modern path back to life on the land, with healthy indoor air conditions and a high quality of life. It has been successful. The houses in “Le Sorgenti” are environmentally friendly, using only renewable energy for the space heating, water heating and indoor ventilation with technically superior solutions from the project partner Hoval. The complex consists of 16 detached houses with two floors each and an office building with a high degree of energy efficiency (<30 kW). The objective is that the Italian “Climate House” will certify these houses.

The core of the heating system is made up of 2 air-water heat pumps of the type Hoval Belaria (33), which operate with a high COP up to an external temperature of 3-4°C. If the outdoor temperature is lower, the heat pump type Hoval Thermalia H (90) is used for the space heating and water heating. During the summer the reversibly operating heat pump type Hoval Belaria (33) is also able to cool. Solar collectors for the water heating and the controlled living space ventilation of the type Hoval HomeVent with CoolVent-Chip complete the system. The electricity for the heat pumps and the house requirements is gained via a photovoltaic system.

Each house owner can adjust and regulate his consumption himself, the accounting taking place separately via the distribution stations. The environmental concept is also taken in account by a system for the recovery of rainwater. Thanks to the high quality standard and the good thermal insulation the houses achieve very good energy values and have a very low energy requirement: 171,882 kWh/year, which is roughly 25% less than for a traditionally built house.


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